May 19, 2017 · Las Vegas · (No comments)

Reopening of pool parties in Las Vegas is a sign that the city is heating up. If you are visiting Las Vegas, don’t forget to try its exquisite cuisine from well-known chefs. In one of the pool parties you attend, your dancing partner could be Katy Perry or Justin Bieber. A recent article by the Las Vegas review journal talks about the things you should do when in Las Vegas this weekend.


Grab a bite at Momofuku

If you are ever in Las Vegas, ensure that you drop by Momofuku to try dishes by David Cheng and his staff. This is a chef who is known around the city of Las Vegas for food experimentation. The good thing about his services is that they don’t disappoint. Notable recipes by this chef include chickpea ramen, garbanzo beans as well as heaps of umami.


Pass by Picasso

A visit to Las Vegas would not be complete without passing by the Picasso cocktail joint for the famous Modernista. This restaurant has been named after Pablo Picasso. The cocktail was created by Andrew Tau and says that the lemon oleo sacrum ingredient was very popular during the prime years of Pablo Picasso and hence the name.


Other things that travelers should do in Las Vegas this weekend

All said and done, this weekend is for people who have never been to Meepleville. There is a board game this weekend at the café, and it will cost you just $5 to play all sorts of games available for the weekend. It’s also the 4th annual black film festival this weekend. If you are in Las Vegas, you can drop by to see some talented filmmakers from all over the globe. For people who love cars, they can drop at the Show and Shine Car Show this weekend, and they will be entertained.