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There is only so much incentive we can give our employees regarding money and holiday day-offs. However, if you find that the employees you have don’t seem to enjoy the incentives you offer them and are not motivated to overperform, then you might want to get a professional to be able to help you do that. It’s hard to do that when you know that people can be untrustworthy and can be a bit of a charlatan if there’s an opportunity.



Fortunately, we have people like Jeremy Goldstein who can offer you a new way to get them to feel excited about working in your company without the deception. Today, the main thing he wants to provide as an incentive for employees is the Knockout Options.



The Knockout Options For Everyone



Corporations need to make sure that their employees are happy. In the first place, it’s the employees that manufacture the growth of a company, define their growth and will determine how much you need to add in the investment to improve the company’s performance. Without their motivation, you might not be able to reach your goals. In the second place, an unmotivated workforce can risk your company to a blow-up. If all of them, or just enough of them, are disincentivized to work, then your company is in trouble.



For Jeremy Goldstein, giving their accounts or employee profile the knockout options that they need would be a fantastic booster. This has usually been the system in most companies, but unfortunately, this didn’t previously work out. Giving employees the stock options to their companies can trigger them to game the system and cheat the metrics. Jeremy Goldstein solves this by letting them opt for Knockout Options instead.



Knockout Options are just like stock options, but they’re different in a way that the employees can exit the stock options. If the employees feel like they’re no longer confident about the growth of the company, they can withdraw their stock options. That gives them a better exit strategy when they want to cut off ties with the company’s performance.



The option to exit these stock options means a lot to the employees. It means that the investors won’t need to face overhang threats that they can no longer exercise. This also means good for the company, since this strategy can better reflect the actual earnings of the stockholders, and they can have less worry about their shrinking assets in the companies they’re investing in.



About Jeremy Goldstein



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