The culture and customs of where we come from are very crucial. However, with the technology and everything that has changed the way of living, many young people are slowly being carried away and abandoning their culture. Adam Milstein and his wife have taken it upon themselves to see that the Jewish youths get to understand and embrace their culture and understand why it is crucial for them to embrace it. Through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, he has impacted more than 15000 families.

The organization approaches issues in three dimensions;

  1. Active Philanthropy. Humanitarian work is not only about the financial support but as well as being involved in the duties evaluation. The foundation supports all the programs by actively participating.
  2. Life Path Impact. Adam Milstein understands the need to teach people life skills by engaging them in lessons and acts of real life. He, therefore, seeks and offers his support to people who influence others through life stages. This means offering lessons based on the age of individuals. The lessons are delivered to the target audience.
  1. Philanthropic Synergy. Adam Milstein does not serve his people by himself. He offers financial support to other people who share his goal. He collaborates with them to see that the Jewish culture is respected.

In his article in the Jerusalem Post, Adam Milstein mentioned that he knows that there were still custodians of the Jewish Culture in the young generation because he sees them every day. He says that it is through them that the culture will be passed on to the other generations.

Adam Milstein says that it is their responsibility to see that the individuals rise by supporting them financially. He explains that it takes courage to be a leader because of the adversities that one has to deal with and the rejection. It is only those who know the value and the importance of the culture can manage this role. Adam Milstein says that he is very optimistic that the passion in the young generation will be transmitted to other individuals. This is the only way the next generation will be stronger than the previous ones.

Louis Chenevert is a renowned Canadian entrepreneur and investor. He currently works at United Technologies (UTC) as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He previously worked at Pratt & Whitney as the CEO. M.r Chenevert grew up in Quebec before relocating to the United States. He went to HEC Montreal, an affiliated Business School of the Montreal University where he received his bachelor’s degree in Production Management.

Louis Chenevert came to United Technologies Corporation in March 2006 as the President and COO. Having worked at Pratt & Whitney Canada for six years, Louis Chenevert was appointed the company’s president in 1999. He previously held the position of the General Manager of General Motors for over a decade. Upon his resignation as the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, Edward Kangas took over his role. He served as the Executive Committee Member and Vice Chairman of The Business Council between 2011 and 2012. Mr. Chenevert took up the position of an Executive Advisor at Goldman Sachs in September 2015 for an undisclosed compensation. He will be responsible for advising other businesses and exploring the industrial and aerospace sectors.

While serving as the Chairman and CEO of UTC, Mr. Chenevert would earn a total compensation of $22,032,175, where $1, 318,974 was the basic salary, $11,774,719 options, $4,294,844 cash bonus, $4,376,921 stock, and other compensations amounting to $266,726. In 2009, he was honored with the Honor Award by the National Building Museum. He was honored with an honorary doctorate by HEC Montreal in 2011 and earned the accolade of the Person of the Year from a U.S. aviation trade magazine, Aviation Week & Space Technology in the same year.

The foundation laid at UTC by Louis Chenevert has helped it to continue its dominance in the market. UTC enjoys competitive advantages that emanate from the background laid during Louis Chenevert’s tenure. His legacy continues to steer United Technologies Corporation to prosperity. The vision that he embodied at UTC along with its business units has helped it to remain competitive. Since 2006 when he joined UTC, Louis Chenevert has been at the forefront championing improvements that have helped it to grow its market share.

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When it comes to medicine and cures for various illnesses and disabilities affecting young children, it’s often taken for granted just how much time and financial resources are needed to research and develop the medicine. One man who does understand this and is working to help an area of need in neurological research is Anthony Petrello. Anthony Petrello is a well-known businessman in the Houston area who is the Chairman of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries one of the largest drilling operations and contractor companies in the world. He is also on the Board of Trustees at the Texas Children’s Hospital where he has given $7 million in support of finding solutions to neurological disorders.

Solving problems and finding answers is something Anthony Petrello did way before he became Chairman at Nabors, started a family or became involved in healthcare philanthropy. It actually started when he was a young man studying math in school. He became very good at learning math and finding his way around complex equations that he got accepted into the advanced mathematics program at Yale University where he also studied under the renowned Professor Serge Lang. He completed both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the field and looked to have quite a promising career ahead of him.

Petrello didn’t end up solving problems as a mathematician, but he did use numbers in finance to help clients at Baker & McKenzie law firm. Solutions he offered to clients here involved corporate restructuring, tax compliance, employment issues and other things. His legal and financial expertise would land him a position as Chief Operating Officer at Nabors Industries where he would help guide the company in strategic investment and technology developments. In 2011 he became CEO and Chairman of the entire company and has continued to guide the company to discover new patents and solutions for the oil industry.

While Petrello has solved many problems in his education and business career, he couldn’t solve one problem that mattered the most to him and that is his daughter Carena’s struggles with Cerebral Palsy. Anthony and his wife Cynthia love their daughter dearly and sought the counsel of many of the nation’s leading physicians and research centers when they discovered her condition and explored treatment options. While there are no known cures yet, Anthony Petrello is dedicated to pouring his personal time and giving financially to the neurological research field with the hope that in time cures will be found.