In Josh Verne’s opinion, to succeed in life or business people need to step out of their way. Below are five strategies that, according to Josh Verne, a person needs to incorporate to his life to ensure that he is successful.
1. Be a Leader and not a Boss
Josh is of the opinion that bosses can opt to be either leaders or managers. Leaders often put the needs of their subordinates’ first consequently earning respect and use this respect to accomplish goals. On the other hand, bosses use the power given to them to accomplish goals. Josh believes using the leader approach will help a person accomplish goals beyond their imagination.
2. Everything needs to be a Win-Win
According to an article on, Josh believes that a person should always strive for a win-win situation no matter the scenario. Going for a win-win situation helps and individual strive for the best consequently succeeding in life.
3. Speak less, Listen More
Speaking less puts power to a person’s words the few times they open their mouth. This makes one appear more authoritative. Josh believes that people tend to listen to those that speak less.
4. It’s a Necessity to Have Balance in One’s Life
In Josh’s opinion, a balanced life is one that improves daily in every aspect. This is achieved by spending the necessary amount of time on every particular aspect of your life to give them the opportunity to grow proportionately. Having lots of money does not mark the end of a person’s problems.
5. Figure Out What You are Passionate About
This means establishing that which gives you that burning sensation to do it daily. The strategy of establishing something you are passionate about is by keeping note of that which makes you sleep late, miss parties or wake up early. Life has proven that passion leads to success.
About Josh Verne
Josh Verne is the founder and CEO of Flocku, LLC. This is a site whose target market is college students. Flocku provides the students with access to smart, fresh, hilarious and ridiculous content. The goal of Flocku is to promote peer to peer content marketing.
Josh is also the founder of Workpays, LLC. A company he sold in 2015. The goal of Workpays was to promote the financial wellness of people. Prior to establishing Flocku and Workpays, Josh worked for Home Line Furniture.

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