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A very popular restaurant can easily fill up with reservations, making it difficult for those who don’t have a reservation to get inside. In some cases, even if you try to make a reservation, you may get denied because the restaurant is full for days or even weeks. Did you know that being a Magnises card member can get you reservations to certain restaurants that may have been off-limits to you otherwise? This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but those who know the hottest restaurants in New York City will be more than happy knowing that their Magnises card gets them into these restaurants.

Even going to a bar in New York City isn’t the same as going to one in many other cities, especially since there may be VIP sections on Facebook and hot tables that are coveted by others. Many feel that they need to go into a nightclub to get the kind of service that is offered in many New York City bars, but you’d be surprised at how much you can enjoy yourself if you go to a great New York City bar. Let your Magnises card get you some great benefits if you choose to go to certain bars in the city.

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Just by using your Magnises card when you go into a bar, you can possibly find yourself at a great table that you love, and getting free drinks is also possible because you are using your card. Other great services would include discounts, free food, discounted food and other perks. The Magnises card was the brilliant creation of a young socialite that wanted others to join him in his lifestyle, but he also understood that the high cost of having fun in New York City could turn some people off from going out.

With access to discounts on on concert tickets, seats at sporting events, bar service, restaurants, hotels and more, saving money is one of the biggest perks of having the Magnises card. Other great reasons to have the Magnises card is not only for the status but also can get you exclusively into certain types of events. Some events are only held for Magnises card holders, so only those with the card in hand will be able to get into these events. Other events may be advertised and known to the public, but getting into the event may be difficult.

If you always want to get into any event that is happening in the city, then don’t forget your Magnises card. You can experience so much more fun at discounted prices if you choose to use your Magnises card, so why would you go without it? Paying your monthly membership fee will ensure that you always have your Magnises card current and active, and you’ll start to have a lot more fun because you’ll know about the great events and will be able to get into them. Never miss the fun that New York City has to offer because you have your Magnises card now.