On May 29, massive thunderstorms caused flash flooding in areas of London. The storms dropped almost a month’s worth of rain on southeast England in just a few hours.

A representative of the city’s fire brigade told media outlets that the rescue service received over 100 flood-related calls due to the rain. Meanwhile, some railway lines were submerged, forcing the temporary cancelation of train service to certain parts of the city.

Gatwick Airport, located in the southern portion of London, also canceled a number of flights due to the weather.

Lightning from the storms was blamed for causing at least two fires in north and west London, and at least 30 homes experienced significant flooding. Four people also had to be rescued from their flooded cars in the east part of the city.

London wasn’t the only area to be negatively impacted by the storms. Kent, Maidstone, Gravesham and Swale were also hit hard, and the A249, M2 and M20 highways had to be closed due to heavy flooding.

According to the Kent Fire and Rescue Service, a man had to be rescued from his submerged car in Teynham. Another man also called for help after being trapped in his flooded home in Chatham.

A weather presenter from the BBC said that the most violent storms had likely passed, but more heavy rain was expected over the next few days.

Rescue services reminded the public to avoid driving on flooded roads and to be on the lookout for fallen trees.

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