The flooding that has taken place the past week in Louisiana is said to be historic, devastating, and undoubtedly tragic. With over twenty inches of rain that fell on Monday, August 15, Governer John Bel Edwards called this an incident that has made history and a means for the community to work together to help rebuild their homes.

Another twenty inches of rain fell the following Tuesday, August 16. President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency and natural disaster for Baton Rouge and other portions of Louisiana, which made certain that the 40,000 residents who have asked for emergency assistance will be well taken care of in shelters across the state.

Thus far, 20,000 residents have been rescued along with over 1,000 pets. Dozens of shelters, including local churches and the Celtic Media Centre, are being heavily utilized to help the victims of this disaster. As the rain continues to fall and over 34,000 meters of the land are left without electricity, this is a relief effort that will take some time as well as a plethora of helping hands that hail from both near and far.

Those who have been unaffected by the disaster are thankfully using their time to help abate the consequences of this extensive rainfall. By donating food, working at the shelters, and donating thousands for when the homes are ready to be rebuilt, these individuals become local heroes who do not want the praise of being so. United States citizens are encouraged to help their fellow Americans in the wake of this tragedy by donating food, water, toiletries, and other acceptable donations. As the wet season continues ferociously with no end in sight, only time will tell what other prospective damage will wreak havoc on this state.