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The Guardian believes that Billy McFarland has had a talent for business ever since he was young, displaying his true interest by the time he was 13 and started off his own little business.

With his ability to work with more advanced technology, he began connected local businesses with clients to achieve his goals as an entrepreneur.

After finishing high school, Billy went to study at Bucknell University under a computer engineering major. Although Billy excelled in his academic work, he was more focused on his business ideas and it was during this time that he founded the company, Spling.

This company of Billy’s was focused on bringing better graphical designs to other businesses websites. Billy still runs the company today as CEO and has worked with thousands of clients, including several big corporations such as Universal.

Along with the success of Spling, Billy went on to found Magnises in 2013 after going over ideas with his friends for ways to bring the elite working class together.

This is why Magnises operates as a high class social club for millennials and offers a special black card for members to take part in a variety of discounts and perks around New York City and Washington DC.

Membership costs an annual fee of $250 dollars, but considering the sheer number of discounts, perks, and special events that become available, this is a bargain for wealthy individuals with active social lives.

To date, Magnises has built up more than 10,000 members within its current locations, and Billy McFarland has planned for expanding into new locations in the near future.

Membership at this elite club is quite exclusive and potential members must apply to Magnises online and have their application reviewed by the company’s board. Referral’s and individuals who own businesses that can partner with Magnises have a high priority.

Once a member, access to the exclusive black card is gained as well as access to a number of different private events, vacations, discounts, priority service and seating, and more. The Magnises headquarters also functions as a club for members to hold meetings or even host parties.

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Credit card companies have been attempting to lure professionals and high-income individuals for decades through various cash-back and travel awards programs.

While credit card providers have typically tried to attract people who earn more money, and therefore spend more money, one growing credit card club is going after a unique set of individuals.

The new credit card program, which is called Magnises, was introduced just a few years ago, but already has thousands of users. The program, which was developed and introduced by a recent college graduate named Billy McFarland, focuses on providing credit cards to Millennials.

The target group is young professionals between the ages of 21 and 35 who have entered the workforce and are looking to take advantage of the unique opportunities that the card provides.

Unlike traditional credit card programs that focus on providing cash back or airline miles to consumers, the Magnises card promises to provide its users with access to an exclusive social network.

Members of the Magnises program will be able to gain access to a social network that has an online community and hosts plenty of free parties throughout the year.

The program is particularly popular for consumers in the New York City area, which tends to have the most social opportunities. Most users of the card agree that the annual fee of $350 is easily offset by the amount of free activities that they have access to.

According to Business Insider, The founder and CEO of the program, Billy McFarland, sees a significant amount of potential for the program. While Magnises is currently located primarily in New York City, he plans to expand the program into other large cities across the country and believes he could soon have a client base in excess of 10,000 members.

Billy McFarland himself is a recent graduate of Bucknell University and developed the idea for the program while he was still in school.

Through support of a few investors, he was able to quickly market the card on social media and soon had a viral following of members that were excited to join the membership club.

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Magnises is beginning to make waves in the U.S. This phenomenon provides the convenience of having one card tied to many different bank cards or credit cards. This allows fewer cards to carry or even relieving millennials of a wallet. Billy McFarland, the mind behind Magnises, knows what being a millennial is all about. He knows the social aspect and the desire to be social medium and community.

This card has a unique ability to bring 21 to 35-year-olds into the same realm. The drive for professionals to find a work-life balance and to work hard and play hard. If the desire is to connect with culture, sports, live events and clubs, this card has the perks to bring it together.

The perks or the main driver of the Magnises is the discounts at restaurants and clubs. Also included with the card are reserved experiences such as private concerts are exclusive getaways.

According to Fortune, Billy McFarland has been thinking out of the box since the beginning. With other startups, he has been very successful at a young age and keeps pumping ideas out. Starting Magnises in August of 2013, it currently has approximately 10,000 members. As millennial himself, he knows what the masses of you professional are looking for and can provide it to them.

As you travel to major cities on the East Coast, look into acquiring a Magnises card prior to going. It may get you into a few clubs or even some VIP sporting events. Maybe you would even have the chance to meet Billy McFarland and gain some insight into his thinking how he is beginning to build his empire.

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It was inevitable that young Billy McFarland was on his way to a successful business career when he started a successful business at the tender age of 13. The when he was a college freshman at Bucknell, he formed a new online business called Spling, which he still operates as a going concern and he is still its CEO.

Spling is a unique brand that enhances URLs from the normal text links into unique images that work out to be colorful mosaics that can be used on virtual bulletin boards. Clients of Spling include Universal and Discovery, among others.

In 2013 Magnises was created as a nexus for millennials, catering to their leisure time, giving them discounts and perks to their favorite hangouts and places they regularly frequented. The concept has become a real hit and has turned into a must-have commodity.

The secret to the whole operation of Magnises is The Black Card, which is the key to the members getting the perks and discounts. The way that the Black Card works is that it copies all of the information from the member’s regular credit or debit cards, and stores the data on its magnetic tape. Then the member can use the black card for charges, which is applied to his card company or bank and applies the discount at the same time.

Now, among millennials, it is the thing to do to become a Magnises member and to be able to use the Black Card for all things in the way of entertainment. Currently, Magnises is in New York City and Washington DC, but plans are underway for expansion.

Cities currently in the expansion plans include Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and London. A recent infusion of cash from a venture capitalist of $3 million has helped to fuel the expansion into new territory.

According to Crunchbase and Buzzfeed, Billy McFarland is elated because the die is cast, and the model is working very well. Now moving forward the pattern will be to duplicate the successful results that have been experienced thus far.

These cities are just full of millennials who are just itching to have Magnises become a part of their communities. That is just the way Billy McFarland sees it too.