June 8, 2018 · Maryland Storm · (No comments)

Eddison Alexander Hermond with the Maryland National Guard was dining in La Palapa Restaurant when he saw a lady struggling to carry a cat carrier in Tiber River IVO Parking Lot D across rising waters. Hammond left his meal and went to help her on May 27, 2018, when he was swept away in the floodwaters. He was last seen entering the Patapsco River before the Howard County Sheriff’s Department reported that they had recovered his lifeless body in Ellicott City, Maryland.


The woman who was carrying the cat carrier was Kate Bowman who owned a local pet shop. She says that earlier reports that Hermond was trying to save her cat were erroneous. Instead, Bowman says that he was trying to save her life. Despite efforts by many first responders in the community, first responders in communities surrounding Ellicott City and volunteers, Hermond’s body was recovered.


City officials say the rains that hit the area were reminiscent of a similar rain that hit the area in 2016. The 2016 flood was supposed to be the worse in 1,000 years. The city that was established in 1768 has been flooded 15 times. During the rain event on Sunday, it is estimated that over 9.6 inches fell in under three hours in an area north of the city with over 6 inches falling in the city.


Other areas surrounding the city including Catonsville, Maryland, and Arbutus, Maryland, along with the University of Maryland Baltimore County campus were significantly impacted. Meteorologists say that the cold weather above the ocean just to the city’s north mixing with the warmer weather below set off conditions for this storm. Therefore, they say that it may happen again until temperatures warm up consistently.