It appears to be a large Mt. Delfino Cuautle is suing Coney Island Hospital for $24 million. That’s the price for his lost leg. The plaintiff claims that he was deprived of proper medical attention and, as a result, lost his leg.

As the claim goes, he had to wait for help for 13 hours, and when it came, it was too late. His leg had to be amputated. “Everything that could have went wrong went wrong,” said Andrew Carboy, Mr. Cuautle’s lawyer.

According to Daily News, 46-year-old Delfino Cuautle was hit by a car. The EMS arrived in three minutes and took him to the hospital.

The doctors performed a CT scan and determined there’s no blood in his leg, so emergency vascular surgery is needed to rescue his leg. Since the hospital in Coney Island had no surgeon specializing in this area, the doctors called an emergency number at Kings County Hospital.

Normally, such calls are answered within seconds. But, no one answered that call. Instead, the doctors left a message. It took eight after the accident for Mr. Cuautle to get to Kings County Hospital. What’s even worse, the staff from the previous hospital forgot to send the CT scan, which then needed to be done again.

Finally, 13 hours after the accident operation was performed. By then, it was too late.