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Things You Need to Know About Dr. Saad

Dr. Saad has contributed to major changes in the health sector and through his forty year experience, he has successfully carried out uncountable pediatric surgeries to children in the country. Besides, he has taken part in a vast number of charitable works to help save the lives of many children in the United States. His ability to identify diseases in children have impressed many people and this has gained him a great reputation, with a vast number of people seeking his services.

Dr. Saad is a great inventor and over the recent years, he has successfully come up with a vast number of surgical procedures through which children can be operated. He began his passion for medicine while in college and he has since then put a lot of effort towards achieving his career dreams. The renowned medical practitioner has also showcased great engineering skills, which he has combined with his vast knowledge of medicine to handle adverse cases in children. He has successfully identified serious diseases in children, through which he has managed to offer them treatment besides conducting successful surgeries on them.

Dr. Saad has experienced success in his career and has received a lot of recognition due to the knowledge he showcased while at the University by acquiring first class honors in medicine. He started his career at the Hovnanian Children’s Hospital where he served as the surgeon in chief and co-medical director, before moving on to Saudi Arabia. Dr. Saad has always had a great dedication towards improving the lives and state of his patients, and regardless of his busy schedule, he has thrived to help every child that visits his hospital regain a better health. His expertise also gained him a great chance to treat prestigious people from the Royal Family through which he got a chance to improve his skills. Additionally, Dr. Saad has always considered technology to be part of the major development that has taken place in the medical sector, and as a result, he has purchased the best and most modern equipment to help him perform excellent surgical procedures to his patients.

Due to his noticeable achievements and contributions to the field of medicine, Dr. Saad has received a lot of accreditation from many people besides being honored with a vast number of awards to appreciate his good work. He received the Patient`s Choice Award in 2014, which was based on patients votes, besides receiving the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award, which proved his determination and dedication towards his career. The renowned medical practitioner has not turned back on his career and seeks ways to improve his services to his patients so as to receive the best results. Learn more:

Dr. Mark Mofid – Improving Implants

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon who has several offices located in the San Diego area. He received his education at both Johns Hopkins University and Harvard. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is well known for making implants safer. He continues his research to improve implants and the surgical procedures that he performs.

Mark Mofid has been performing plastic surgery for over eight years. During his tenure, he has made substantial improvements to implants. When Dr. Mofid started performing implant surgeries, he quickly realized that improvements could be made. Understanding that the implants being used consisted of a generic design, he took the time to research and redesign the implant. He came up with an implant that was better able to be positioned with improved ratios, resulting in a better-looking version. This new design changed the industry for all implants going forward.

Being an industry leader, Dr. Mark Mofid will always strive to improve the process of the surgery and improvements to the product. He is still collaborating, exploring, and learning. He continues to work closely with Dr. Raul Gonzales, a surgeon located in Brazil. Dr. Gonzales is the most experienced gluteal implant surgeon in the world and has been working in his field since 1984.

Dr. Mark Mofid has also made improvements in gluteal augmentation surgical procedures. He is always looking for ways to improve the process. His goal is to make the surgeries for his patients as stress-free as possible. He starts out by meeting with his patients. He wants to understand what their goals and concerns are. He wants his patients to be confident from the point they walk into his office all the way through the recovery process.

As Dr. Mark Mofid continues his work as a plastic surgeon, he will always look to make his work safer for his clients. The doctor has had such success that he receives most of his clients by word of mouth. He understands how important it is to make sure his patients are completely satisfied with the results but most of all, he wants his clients to have a stress-free experience and a recovery that is comfortable for them.