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Everyone can agree that Michael Phelps is a success story by any means. However, many people are not aware that he struggled with depression and anxiety for much of his life. The world considered Phelps to be one of the world’s most decorated athletes. It was therapy that helped him get back on the road to recovery despite his success.

Michael Phelps describes how he felt lost for years. He even questioned himself whether he even wanted to live. He realized that he was both strong and weak at the same time. He recalls battling depression and not leaving his room for almost a week. He credits therapy with helping save his life. Now, he is working with Talkpace and hoping that millions of people will gain access to therapy they need to get better.

Unfortunately, the majority of people who need therapy never receive needed treatments. Talkspace offers an affordable and easy way to access confidential and professional therapy at any time and place. The program allows users to work with their therapist on a more personal basis. Users can send texts, pictures, and even video and communicate with their therapist through the Talkspace mobile app.

Talkspace views online therapy as e-therapy. The mediums that online therapists can use vary greatly. These include apps, texting, and video communication. The company makes it possible for customers to match with a therapist. Next, customers can choose the payment plan that works best for them. A therapist may respond twice a day and up to five days a week.

Talkspace also takes pride in the work of their licensed therapists. Michael Phelps sees this as good opportunity to share his life and struggles with the world. The Talkspace platform also shares a blog that offers insights into the lives of its therapists. Users can strengthen the relationship with their therapist by getting to know them better.

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Sometimes, people just don’t have the time to go to an in-person appointment or they might not be able to bring themselves to talk to someone face to face. If this is a situation you’re in then the new app Talkspace is a great option for you. It’s a completely online form of therapy and it’s much cheaper than traditional therapy. You’ll be talking with a certified therapist and you can choose a few different options, such as just chatting, live video chatting, and phone calls!


Talkspace has actually teamed up with Michael Phelps, who has struggled with depression and mental illness throughout his whole career. He always felt like it was extremely hard to find help and he thought he’d feel vulnerable and weak. He found out that he felt strong and much better after talking with his therapist.

With Talkspace, Phelps believes that it can open up the door to helping mental illness and it can help people take the steps they need to improve their health. Since he has quite a bit of experience being an advocate for mental health, he was the perfect person for them to team up with. They believe they can truly change the world and help the people who need it.

Not only can someone talk to a certified therapist, but they can now get prescriptions through Talkspace. The app will be going through a network of certified psychiatrists to prescribe medications that will help with various mental health issues. Since these doctors are completely certified, they can help a patient find the best medications that work for them and their issues.

Being able to get the therapy and medications through Talkspace means you won’t have to go to a physical doctor’s office and wait for long periods of time to be seen. You’ll have your personal therapist and you can decide the communication method you’re comfortable with. The main goal of this app is to help you in the way you need and kind of go at your own pace. Some people just can’t bring themselves to talk to someone in person or over the phone so this app helps everyone get the help they need.

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Whether you are being treated unfairly at school, college, or office or if your personal life is going through tumultuous time, these issues can affect your mental health in a very big way. The symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, or any other mental health disorders can be subtle in the beginning, and most people tend to ignore it. However, it is not what you should do. If these people are not treated at the right time and left to linger in your head for long, it will cause issues that may prove to be fatal and cause bigger issues in the future. The smart thing to do during such times is to seek help, and Talkspace is the platform that would help you do that in a very private and confidential manner.

Talkspace has some of the most experienced and professional therapists and psychiatrists on board who would talk to you in details about the situation of your mental health. They would help you get rid of the confusion and negative thoughts in a very simple and clinical manner. The emotional doldrums that you are stuck in can be draining your confidence and self-love, and the therapists at Talkspace would help you over the problems that you are facing. It is a situation that you need to deal as soon as you realize you have a problem. Talkspace does not charge a lot and is perfect for the people who do not have the time to visit the office of the therapist. It is convenient in terms of time, and the best part is that the users can consult with the therapist anonymously as well.

The number of Talkspace therapists has been growing because of the many advantages that working with h the company offers. It would help the company offers its services and reach out to more people than before.

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We all face challenges at different times in our lives. Sometimes you will grief because of losing a loved one, a failed business deal, losing a pet or a job, or due to a natural disaster. Whatever the cause of your grief, it is important to work towards recovery.

Each person grieves differently. Some cry more than others do. Some will bounce back quickly and move forward while some will feel stuck for longer.

If you have lost a pet, do not be surprised to feel sadder than you would if you had lost a family member or friend. Your relationship with your pet is purer than your relationship to people around you.

Your pet loves you unconditionally, and it may not hurt you deliberately. However, the people around you may have inflicted emotional injuries on you, and your love for them may have waned.

You may have conditioned your pet to fit perfectly into your life schedule and be there whenever you want it to be. The people in your life may however not be as available for you, which may make you feel less attached to them.

Take more care of yourself during a difficult moment. If you are not keen, you may ignore how you look, which will make you feel awful in the end. Convince yourself that you are strong enough to bounce back by maintaining a good outlook.

The Talkspace App allows you to access counseling services at the comfort of your home, from your office or while on the move. The chat messages are accessible on your mobile device or desktop computer.

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