December 6, 2016 · Michigan, Travel · (No comments)

Are you looking for a wonderful place to visit with your family this winter? Why not try Detroit, Michigan?


When most people think of Detroit, they think of joblessness, crime and homelessness. But today more than ever in the last few decades, this isn’t true. Since the auto industry collapsed after its height in the 1950s and 60s, Detroit got a bad rap. But it’s back from the dead, and there are many sites to see, especially in the winter.


Here are the top reasons to visit this beautiful city as soon as you get the chance.


  1. Greektown Casino and Hotel


If you’re looking for a good time while in the Motor City, there’s no place better than Greektown Casino and Hotel. This hotel and casino combines offers amazing games and tables with top quality hotel service. If you’re lucky enough to get a room at the top, you’ll also have some amazing views of the city at your fingertips.


  1. The Detroit Institute of Arts


To get a better glimpse at the history of Detroit, just look at it through its art. Diego Rivera created some of the finest murals of his career in Detroit. There are a number of other wonderful things to see at this museum as well. It’s a must-visit for any tourist in Detroit.


  1. Motown


Detroit is Motown, and Motown is Detroit. But if you want to know the full story, you’ve got to go to the source, and the source is the Hitsville, U.S.A. Motown Museum.