The city council of LA could make a lot of people happy if they pass a bill that raises the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The council has been debating the wage issue for months. The minimum wage is $9 an hour in the city now, and in January the minimum will be $10 an hour.

If the vote is positive, the minimum wage will increase in the city every year. By 2020 the minimum wage will be $15 an hour. San Francisco, Seattle and a few other cities have already increased their minimum wage to reduce the poverty level. The people that will benefit the most from the increase are restaurant workers and retail sales and stock associates.

There is still opposition to raising the minimum wage according to Jaime Garcia Dias. Some nay-sayers believe businesses can’t afford the increase. Other opponents think the wage increase will fuel inflation. But in spite of the objections, the minimum wage will increase over the next five years in most American cities. The wage disparity in the US is out of control, and it must be addressed in several ways. One way is raising the low-income wages and another would be having CEO’s donate some of their wages to low-paid employees. Dan Price of Gravity Payments in Seattle did it, and his business increased tremendously.