November 12, 2015 · MJ, Performance · (No comments)

The development of the music industry across the world has led development of different types of musicians. Many people have chosen to invest in music with the aim of making profit while others invest in music as a passion and a calling. This has led to the development of different types of music that is listened to by people from all sorts of lives. Music has been used for many different reasons depending on the prevailing situation. As such, musicians have developed different types of music that are geared towards passing a specific type of message to the general public. Michael Jackson was one of the most celebrated music personalities in United States of America. He was recognized as the king of hip hop music which made him to develop a large fan base. Many people loved his music and could throng his live concert in large numbers to listen to his music. His death made an impact on the way music was being done in United States of America. Many fans were devastated but have continued to keep the spirit running by continuously celebrating him through his music. As a result, many people have emulated and copied the dancing styles of Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes is one of the leading Michael Jackson impersonators that have continued to play Michael Jackson’s music throughout the world. He developed interest in the music style of Michael Jackson when he was still a young child. This was his opening point towards emulating and performing Michael Jackson’s music across Europe.

Sergio Cortes was born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain and has continued to perform Michael Jackson’s music in other parts of the world like Brazil. He began his career as a teenager but his depute came when he performed on the Michael Jackson tribute in Madrid. Here, he started rising in standards due to his resemblance to Michael Jackson. He employed all the dancing skills of Michael Jackson in every move he underwent on the stage making people to develop interest in him since he reminded them of the late Michel Jackson. He has continued to perform in concerts across the world and has recently scheduled trip to perform in United States of America. This will be a big boost in his career since America hosts a huge fan base for the late Michael Jackson. He has a good and captivating voice that leaves people touched whenever he is performing on the stage.