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FreedomPop Promotion For Black Friday And Funding Announcements

FreedomPop is an innovative, young company that is really making some quick gains in consumer shareholds, and they have picked up some serious funding efforts just recently to help bring about new changes to their company. They already offer one of the best, free internet and phone services in all the lands. They have been operating since 2012, and they’re new to the international market. Until just recently, the services were only available in the United States. They have just been extended to the United Kingdom and its residents, and they are planning to continue bringing this quality, free phone and internet service to residents in other countries in the near future.

The company is so successful because they buy large amounts of data and network usage at a bulk discount, and they sell these products and services to consumers at a steep discount. Some people prefer to use FreedomPop as a backup, so they do not go over their monthly allowance with their carrier. Other people prefer to use FreedomPop as their main service. Some are happy with the free internet and mobile phone plan that FreedomPop offers. Other people need more internet usage or phone service, so they opt for a bigger plan. The basic, free service offers 500 MB of data for internet usage, 500 minutes of phone talk time and 500 text messages to be sent or received.

They have also been receiving funding from various sources of various amounts. The Intel Capital company brought FreedomPop an undisclosed amount of funding. Also, Partech Ventures contributed $30 million in funding to FreedomPop, which was something that the company had announced in the summer of 2015.

Black Friday Discounts

The company had offered some serious discounts to its customers and future customers over this recent Black Friday shopping holiday. They offered a bigger plan for free to consumers for the first month. The bigger plan included unlimited talk time, unlimited text messages for the month and 1 GB of data for that month. The consumers who picked up this discount will go from this promotion to the free service after the first month. They will also have the option to pay for a bigger plan, of course. There were other discounts from FreedomPop over the Black Friday holiday, also. They had severely discounted devices. They sold smartphones to happy consumers at a fraction of the cost.