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1st Success Story, Maxine H.

Maxine H. is an African American actress who has obtained an audition for a Samsung commercial and a background extra position for the Wheels and Homeland series by using Nine9.

2nd Success Story, Bobby L.

Bobby is an aspiring male actor and model. He said he would rate Nine9 with ten stars out a maximum of five. The reason he holds Nine9 in such high regards is that the staff are professional and dedicated to actually helping people with their acting and modeling careers. Since using Nine9 Bobby L. has gotten a significant amount of casting calls. He also says that he is well on his way to fulfilling his lifelong goal of working full time as an actor and model.

3rd Success Story, Steven H.

Steven H. of Newport News, Virginia says he has had significant and quick success after using Nine9. After only a few months, Steven says he managed to obtain positions at local events. His success has only improved as time went on. Since then, Steven was featured in a short film and has hosted a live TV talk show. He says he is excited for his future and what Nine9 can bring.

4th Success Story, Aaliyah S.

Aaliyah S. has lauded the professionalism of the staff at the Nine9 talent agency. She says the staff is highly professional and has helped her kick of her budding career with a job well done with her photo shoot.

What The Nine9 Talent Agency Is Founded Upon

The principles that the Nine9 talent agency was founded upon include the idea that the overwhelming majority or 99% of actors and models do not have their own agents. Nine9 allows aspiring models and actors to find opportunities that fit their needs through a national database of castings all across the country. It is also a commission free agency that really does serve the 99%.You can also visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nine9dallas/

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When it comes to the show business industry, it is very hard to break in. Often times, it takes connections. Also, with any industry, a lot of people are looking for experience. However, the only way for people to get experience in many cases is by actually getting a job in the industry. Modelling is not that much different. In many cases, the model has to get lucky before he can do fashion modelling. However, it is important for people to understand that it is not all that easy to become a model. For some people, it is possible if they are in the right shape.

One thing that is to be said about the modelling industry is that someone would have to discover you. Often times, this is what it takes for people to break into the fashion industry. However, there are ways to get around that. For one thing, there are agencies that offer a lot of modeling jobs that one could look for. However, in most cases, the model is discovered by modeling agents that are searching throughout the country for fresh faces to bring into their company. They go to all of the hot spots for young people who have the right looks for modeling.

Another method that could work for models is that they could send in pictures of themselves to modeling agencies like Brown Modeling Agency. The staff will look over the picture and decide if the person that sent the picture is a good match for the gigs that they have. It is important for the aspiring model to leave contact information so that he could be contacted. The easier it is for the agency to contact the model, the more likely he will be contacted.

Brown Modeling Agency is one of the better model agencies to get involved in. For one thing, it is located in Austin TX. People that have signed up through the agency have gone on to get major modeling gigs for big successful companies. This is one of the best ways for models to get the experience they are looking for in the fashion modeling industry.

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