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Justin Brown started the Brown Agency to help modeling talents to get connected to some of the best work as possible. Justin Brown said that when he was a student he sometimes worked as a model for $100 an hour. It was far better pay then other jobs he did at the time. It additionally inspired him to learn about the behind the scenes of the modeling agency. He focused on learning more about connection and business to start up his own modeling agency. Initially he co-founded the modeling agency Wilhelmina Brown. Brown Agency is still connect to the Wilhelmina Brown agency.

Brown Agency really took off in central Texas and began to help the fashion scene in Austin, Texas to become more notable. The models and acting talent at Brown Agency have worked some big fashion brands like Louis Vuitton. They have modeled for beauty companies like the L’Oréal beauty product company. Other companies like Dell and Toyota have hired Brown Agency models as well.

To become one of the best of the best of Texas modeling talent, you should submit an application and your portfolio to the Brown company. For the initial application you can fill out a form on the Brown Agency website: You will be required to fill in your name, contact information, measurements, and age. The Brown Agency will reach out to you for either more information or your portfolio. Then they may set up an appointment with you to decide whether or not you are a fitting talent for their agency.


If you are looking for talent or are considering if the Brown Agency is the right agency to represent you, examine their website thoroughly. There are headshots and biographies of each model and actor that Brown Agency represents. Another way to get a feel for the Brown Talent agency is to check out their social media pages. Their Facebook page “Brown Agency” has current photos of their talent and recent jobs the talent has gotten through the agency. There are additionally events listed on their Facebook page. The “@BrownAgencyATX” Twitter page additionally lists their events and updates to their company’s business endeavors.

Brown Agency has worked hard to become the strongest talent agency in Austin, Texas. They have even helped the fashion world in Austin, Texas to really begin to expand roots and flower. If you are located in the Austin area and either want representation or are searching for models and acting talents for a project, try the Brown Agency first and foremost.