According to the grocery delivery service Instacart, Boston is the most romantic city in the United States based on customers who searched online for 12 universally romantic items for Valentine’s Day like candy, Valentine’s Day cards, wine, flowers and strawberries. The second most romantic city according to Instacart is Atlanta followed by Austin and Philadelphia. The only northern city to make the top 10 list was Washington D.C.

In order to figure out the most romantic city, Instacart looks at spikes in the 12 chosen items compared to other typical weeks. Therefore, people in cities that did not make the list may just have a fondness for candy, wine and flowers throughout the year.

The company does admit that shopping at a grocery store for Valentine’s Day may not be the most romantic concept in the world. Consumers in the U.S. are expected to spend more than $18.2 billion for the holiday with the average consumer spending $136.47.

On the other end of the spectrum, Indianapolis was named the least romantic city followed by Raleigh, North Carolina. Rounding out the bottom five were Orlando, Seattle and Denver.

If you are an Indianapolis resident who is looking for something more romantic to do for Valentine’s Day, then there are several special events taking place near the holiday like:

• Sweetheart Dinner at the Indianapolis Propylaeum

• Doubles Ping Pong Tournament at Smash

• Cooking Class at the Pantry Project

• Glass Sculpting at the Hot Glass Studio

While Bostonians are shopping at the grocery store for Valentine’s Day, at least they are making someone feel extra special. Many people across the United States are seeing it as just another day on the calendar.