Huffington Post has named New York City the best city in the United States to live without a car, although they say that the city is still behind many European cities. Across the nation, young people are driving 25 percent fewer miles while riding 40 percent more miles on public transportation.

Fordham Heights

New York City gets top scores for walkability. Topping the list of most walkable neighborhoods in New York City was Fordham Heights in the Bronx. This neighborhood of 50,000 residents especially receives high scores as most residents can walk to a restaurant or bar within five minutes since the neighborhood has 21 of them.


If residents prefer to use public transportation, then they may want to consider living in the Bowery neighborhood of Manhattan. Residents have access to numerous bus routes along with access to Grand Street and Second Avenue subway lines along with nearby access to many other lines.

Lenox Hill

Residents who would rather bike to work may want to consider living in the Lenox Hill neighborhood of Manhattan. This neighborhood has many businesses dedicated to bike storage along with tenants being able to rent bikes from the city’s Citibike program at more than 15 locations.

There are numerous reasons that young people are choosing to live without automobiles. Many are finding that they just do not want the large payments while others are foregoing their automobile as a way to take better care of the earth. The city plans on encouraging residents to continue living without cars by increasing the number of bike lanes along with the number of public transportation options.