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Kill Bill Vol. 2 might one day rise higher on the list of the best films made by the duo of Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender. Kill Bill Vol. 1, Pulp Fiction, and Reservoir Dogs seem to possess a higher level of popularity among fans. The dialogue-heavy nature of Kill Bill Vol. 2 somewhat harms the film when comparing to other projects in the duo’s combined resume. Lawrence Bender also had a hand in making the Academy Award-winning An Inconvenient Truth. Bender also produced quite a number of solid television projects. When a producer’s career biography features so many different award winners and fan favorites, excellent minor works fade somewhat into the background.

To call Kill Bill Vol. 2 a minor film, however, would be an unfair assessment. The attraction to this second part in the Kill Bill series is the character development. In the first part, audiences are introduced to The Bride and her mission. The action-heavy nature of the first film leads fans to follow her down a path of revenge. That path of revenge continues in the second film, but some of the action shifts to the backstory of how The Bride became a martial arts expert and trained assassin.

The training sequences in which The Bride bonds with the legendary martial arts master Pai Mei adds further depth to the character. Audiences gain more sympathy for her plight after seeing the more vulnerable and human side of The Bride. Had the film not contained the training sequence and focused on more action, Kill Bill Vol. 2 could have come off as a weak follow-up to the first entry.

The revelation of the full relationship between The Bride and Bill goes beyond a confrontation and clash. This adds to the drama necessary to make the final confrontation meaningful.

The right talent behind the camera factors quite a bit into whether a film rises to the level of art. Lawrence Bender can point to Oscar, BAFTA, and Film Independent Spirit award wins and nominations as proof of his talent. Such artistic talent allowed Lawrence Bender to work with Tarantino to effectively develop outstanding films such as Kill Bill Vol. 2.