September 26, 2016 · Naked Trump Statue, News, Politics · (No comments)

An artist in Union Square in NYC erected a statue of Donald Trump in the part on Thursday and it was quickly taken down by the New York City Parks Department on the same date just a few hours after it was created.

For a short time it served as a major selfie spot as students and other tourists took photos with the statute while they could.

The New York City Parks Department has a policy that no public erections of statutes can be made on park or city property, though exceptions have been made in the past, notably for the Wall Street Bull that has captured the hearts of many tourists and is now a destination in and of itself. The Trump statue does have a major twist; it is a naked statue of him and the artists indicated that they were trying to be as anatomically correct as possible when they created it.

The statute of Trump was created by an artist collective that is known as Indecline and these statutes were put in a variety of major cities around the country including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. On Youtube the artist collective also showed pictures of themselves creating the statute and what it involved to do so, personally bearing the cost for the project.

Indecline named the project “The Emperor Has No Balls”, which is a reference to the classic story “The Emperor Has No Clothes”. The Donald Trump statute may have a longer life in other cities around the country though and served as a playful statement on the Presidential Election cycle for 2016 which has been rather contentious