Evolution Of Smooth is a company that has shown that market research and good advertising can really help a company to grow. The lip balm industry was very inundated with different types of lip balms. They were all very similar because they came in similar looking containers and they had similar consistencies. Chapstick is the lip balm that dominated the lip balm industry for over a century, and no one really was able to reach the magnitude and the scope of Chapstick.

When the makers of EOS lip balm decided that they were going to make a lip balm, they wanted to be sure that they were going to create a product that was going to appeal to their customers. The creators of EOS took many poles of different women in order to find out what they wanted. They soon got a response about the type of lip balm that woman wanted and the type of container that they wanted to hold her lip balm. Evolution Of Smooth completely and totally listened to the information that they received from Facebook fans, and they were able to create a superior lip balm.

Evolution Of Smooth set out to create an amazing product with its ingredients. EOS is a company (https://lipbalmcompany.com/products/eos-lip-balm) that only uses natural and whole ingredients. They do not use any dies, parabens or chemicals in their products. Evolution Of Smooth lip balms come in a variety of flavors, and they come in the very identifiable small circular containers that woman love. These lip balms come in a variety of flavors that women have voted for, and they are sold all around the world. The makers of EOS decided to get input before they sent their product out, and that really was a smart move. EOS is a company of forward thinking individuals, and that is how they were able to out sale Chapstick.

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