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S&A Resource Report editor Matt Badiali is a leader in advising clients about how to properly invest in natural resources. He specializes in investment knowledge related to metals and energy as well as other various natural resources. Over the years he has helped investors in their decision-making process regarding stocks ranging from water, natural gas and oil to gold, silver, copper, uranium and zinc. Matt comes from a scientific background, holding a degree in earth sciences from Penn State and a degree in geology from Florida Atlantic. Matt was pursuing his PhD at North Carolina when a good friend opened up a new door that would become his lifelong passion. His friend was involved in the world of finance and investment and thought that Matt’s scientific knowledge would make him the ideal consultant to help regular, everyday investors choose wise investments in the area of natural resources. Read more about Matt Badiali at Ideamensch.

How Matt Badiali Helps His Readers at Banyan Hill Publishing Make Wise Investments:

Along with his duties as editor at resource investing publication S&A Resource Report, Matt Badiali also serves as an in-house expert on natural resources at Banyan Hill Publishing, a top publishing house for all things investment related. Matt is well known in the natural resources industry for going out into the field and taking a look in person at the mining operations for different resources that he will recommend people invest in. He loves talking to experts at the local level to get an inside track on whats going on. The information he gathers in his travels is now the subject of a great monthly newsletter from Banyan Hill. Real Wealth Strategist helps its readers to wisely invest in resources ranging from agricultural commodities to metals and oil.

Matt Predicts That Zinc Is Soon to Return to a Bull Market:

From 2002 to 2006, there was a significant bull market in the zinc industry and Matt believes that soon this zinc bull market is due to return in full force. With this in mind, Matt Badiali has been urging investors to jump on board and invest in zinc. He has predicted investors could see gains as big as 500%. With the possibility of making this kind of a fortune, along with his in-depth knowledge of the subject, he feels that investors could really hit the jackpot with this commodity. Zinc consumption has continued to grow recently due to the number of things that it is used in. From being a component in sunscreen to its use as a coating on galvanized metal down to its simple application in the production of everyday nails for building, zinc is a versatile resource that will only grow in demand. Read this article at Forexvestor.com.

Why Investors Trust Matt Badiali’s Recommendations On Freedom Checks:

Matt Badiali defines a Freedom Check as “a dividend that is paid by one of two types of companies, either a Master Limited Partnership or a Royalty Trust.” Freedom Checks can be traded like a normal stock would but investors need to make sure that the weed through the many different companies that deal with them and choose the best ones. Matt has had great success in helping investors make the right call when it comes to buying Freedom Checks. Investors trust him to inform them about the top companies in the industry. As with his entire career advising investors, they trust him because of his sterling track record.

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