May 13, 2015 · Earthquake, Kathmandu, Nepal · 1 comment

As the citizens of the Nepali capitol of Kathmandu and the surrounding region try to recover from the devastating earthquake that occurred just 17 days ago on April 25, a second major quake hit on Tuesday, May 12 at 12:35 local time. It registered at a 7.3 magnitude, with the epicenter being about 50 miles north-east of Kathmandu, half way between the capital city and Mount Everest.

Hundreds of aftershocks have been felt in the region since the April quake, however, witnesses describe Tuesday’s tremor as being more severe and having lasted longer than the others. As with April’s earthquake, the one on Tuesday occurred at a shallow depth of 9.3 miles, as reported by the U.S. Geological Survey. The chance of greater damages is more prevalent in earthquakes that happen closer to the surface.

While the number of deaths caused by last month’s earthquake reached over 8,000, Tuesday’s quake is attributed to as many as 37 deaths in Nepal with thousands of injuries, 17 deaths in India and one confirmed death in China on only the first day according to Madison Street Capital. Many small towns in the surrounding areas are difficult to reach making it hard to get news from these areas. Rough terrain and a number of reported landslides created by the latest quake impede rescue efforts as well.

Many more buildings that were already unstable have collapsed, causing fearful people to abandon their homes and set up more camps in the streets. Asking those in the area to have “courage and patience,” Prime Minister Sushil Koirala is asking all those who have generously committed their time and energy to help those in need from April’s earthquake “to once again extend your helping hand.”