There is a new up and comer in the coffee industry that has been making headlines. This popular brand named Bulletproof Coffee prides itself for being not only full of flavor but also a nutritious substitute to any other of those leading brands. Bulletproof Coffee was started by Dave Asprey in 2009 with the intention of created a new rich product that would turn heads. Even actresses such as Shailene Wood and Maya Rudolph have named this brand to be their choice in the morning.

What makes bulletproof coffee so different and innovative is the ingredient of butter. As a great substitute for cream, butter is not only rich but also is filled with the right fats that the body needs in order to lose weight.

Though butter does not seem like the healthiest option, you would be surprised. Look at Starbucks’ options for food and coffee. You walk in for a Starbucks breakfast and you order a 200 calories grande latte with a blueberry muffin that equates to around 700 calories. This 900 calories breakfast will leave you hungry within the hour for a snack. Now picture the Bulletproof Coffee brand. This coffee, with the butter equates to around 460 calories. Not only are there less calories but it is also guaranteed that you will not be craving food until it is lunch time.

One of the things that makes Bulletproof Coffee brand the ideal choice are the beans. The beans were produced in such away that brings both flavor and a healthy sense to the pallet. The beans are grown on their own plot of land in Central America. The beans are grown in such a way that neither a fermentation process or sunlight put unwanted chemicals into the beans.

When the beans are ready to be harvested, they are harvested by experienced professionals who do this for a living. The beans are then transported to the roaster where they will be perfectly roasted. The roaster is not just any roaster. Instead, the inventor of Bulletproof Coffee decided that the beans would be roasted in the number one roaster in the USA. The beans would be put in small batches so that the flavor of the beans would not be muffled. The beans are not only flavorful but without any harmful chemicals, also contain antioxidants. This brand not only has made headlines but offers consumers a healthy a flavorful coffee option.