August 10, 2017 · New Orleans · (No comments)

New Orleans has been a city beset by catastrophe for some time now and that seeming string of downright bad luck looks like its going to continue, only this time by design. A recent report from the city’s inspector general, General Ed Quatrevaux, numerous resident of New Orleans may have ingested a enormous amount of lead via their drinking water. The water seems to have been polluted via a failure of proper infrastructure maintenance which lead to disintegrating lead pipes that chipped and broke off into the general water supply.

The blame for the incident is currently being placed at the feet of the Sewerage and Water Board who, though fully aware of the failing and crumbling internal piping that ran the length of the entire city, utterly failed to bring the matter of importance to the attention of the general citizenry.

This information came to light due to a total $2 billion dollar infrastructure plan set to wholly transform New Orleans. The inspector general first uncovered the occurrence as part of his general oversight after being reminded of the 2015 Flint, Michigan water crisis. The people of New Orleans, other than just the Inspector General, have well taken note and spoken up in quite adamant terms against the potential crisis. For instance, Marc Edwards, civil engineering who lives and works within the city has publicly stated in a recent interview that, “We should not allow city governments to cut lead service pipes in front of people’s houses exposing them to a horrific levels of [lead] exposure. If it’s not criminal it should be.”