February 14, 2018 · NFL Pro Bowl Game · (No comments)

In Sunday’s NFL Pro Bowl Game, Kansas City Chief’s quarterback Alex Smith had a decent performance. Smith completed seven of his ten passes for 131 yards. He had one touchdown and one interception as his AFC team defeated their NFC rivals by the score of 24 to 23.

Speculation is rife that this may have been Alex Smith’s last game wearing a Kansas City Chief’s helmet. Smith has had several good seasons with the Chiefs since he came over to the team from the San Francisco 49er’s. In San Francisco, Alex Smith started for several seasons only to be replaced in the starting position by Colin Kaepernick.

Smith immediately became the starter when he joined the Chiefs. In the last two seasons, the Chiefs won the AFC West Division, but they lost early in the playoffs.

While Smith’s performance was good, good enough to earn a trip to the Pro Bowl, many fans feel as if he isn’t the quarterback to take the Chiefs to the ultimate prize of playing in a Super Bowl.

In last year’s NFL Draft, the Chiefs chose Patrick Mahomes from Texas Tech. He saw limited duty this season, but he is seen to be the Chief’s quarterback of the future. Since the Chiefs expended a high draft pick to obtain Mahomes, sports insiders doubt that he will remain a backup quarterback. With Alex Smith heading toward the end of his career, the Chiefs may be ready to trade Smith at an opportune time and hand the reins of the offense to Patrick Mahomes.

Alex Smith has not commented extensively on his future with Kansas City. If the Pro Bowl was his last game in a Chief’s helmet, he played a good game, and he had a good career with the Chief’s organization.