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In the world of acting and modeling, it is very difficult to make it big and get a reliable career. Most of the aspiring actors and models who cannot get a job are not represented by agencies. Nine9 counters this problem by making it easy for these young dreamers to find auditions and pursue tangible careers.

Nine9 grants us access to resources and opportunities in the performing arts industry. With its large network of connections and kind and charitable staff, there have been multiple people who have risen through the ranks and rose to the top of their industry. They make it look easy because Nine9 makes it easy. Visit Nine9 CEO .

James V. had only spent a month and a half with Nine9 and he had already received unbelievable opportunities. He got all this all with little effort. He auditioned and got the part for a horror and comedy film slated to be released late in 2017. Nine9 Offices .

Shanel F. joined Nine9, and she was soon a part of feature films and tv shows. Her success led to her walking of the red carpet. She was now offered the role of a main character on a tv show, and is going to enjoy being on tv for four years. Click Here to read Nine9 blogs.

Allen D. was immediately put on set. He was with actors from the popular Netflix tv show. “The Originals”. They gave him a lot of useful advice for the industry. He is now going to be featured on the Oxygen channel and the Sundance TV channel. Nine9 at Facebook .

Klayresse R. had some trouble auditioning. She was offered a lot of positions, but never seemed to be able to get past the audition stage. Yet, she was persistent. Nine9 set her up with a hair modeling company, and they selected her to star on the hair modeling show.

All these people have had wonderful experiences with Nine9. They have come from out of nowhere, and now are basking in their success on being popular movies and shows. There are not many organizations that can do this. Nine9 offers these people a chance to shine.

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