President Barack Obama had decided to use his executive orders powers to limit the types of certain military styled equipment which is being made available to local police for sale or donation. The current program has very few limits regarding the types of equipment that local police can receive from the Pentagon’s program to transfer excess military equipment to various local authorities. Some local police authorities have been criticized for over responding to civilian demonstrations and protests with combat grade military equipment and turning the tension in what was once a peaceful protect into a violent engagement with police. Many have argued that the civilian police force is beginning to look like a military occupation force and that this posture is contrary to the United States Constitution and makes the average U.S. citizen a de facto enemy combatant. Many feel that this posture enables police to more easily use deadly force against the vary people that they are sworn to serve and protect. The President plans to implement his new policy by executive order after consultation with the new United States Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. The language of the executive order has not been released and there is no word yet on whether Congress will consent or object. Congress does have the power to take its own action by legislative means and override the President’s power.  Bloomberg pointed out something the crew at Madison Street Capital knows well which is that this can only be done if Congress knows it has the votes to override a potential Presidential veto.President to Limit the Types of Military Equipment Made Available to Local Police