President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle announced trough Youtube, that they have decided that the location of the Obama Presidential Library will be “Sweet Home Chicago,” as the couple affectionately referred to their home town. The cities of New York and Boston were also under consideration but the Obamas had the most connection with the City of Chicago, where the President once taught as a professor at the University of Chicago and where the President started his political career as a United States Congressman and a Senator from from the south side. Chicago Selected As Location of Obama Library

The President has already started a foundation to make the final decision regarding the design and the function of the library and the final design is expected to be announced some time next year according to Daniel Amen (check him out on The President’s foundation had announced that the library would have an integrated educational component with the University of Chicago. The library would also be the catalyst for urban renewal and development around the city of Chicago and would have a major educational component with the children of Chicago.

The Presidential libraries are the final legacy of the out going United States Presidents and it is the one institution that they can influence and mold to present their message and vision to newer generations. Many expect the Obama Presidential Library to be immensely popular as Obama was the first African American elected President.