The statistics for orthopedic issues are staggering. It’s no wonder that more than 7 million U.S. citizens have to spend time in the hospital each year for such problems. The following are three of the most common procedures for which people visit orthopedic experts:

Carpal tunnel release

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that adversely affects people who constantly move their wrists. Servers, typists and sports players are likely to come down with the condition over time because it takes a toll on the median nerve. Carpal tunnel release is a procedure that releases pressure by cutting a part of one of the ligaments.

Hip replacement

The specialist usually numbs the patient so that he can hollow out the head of the femur. The specialist then uses a metal shaft to fill the hollow.

Femoral neck fracture repair

Femoral neck fracture repairs are difficult because the the specialist could use many different solutions for the problem. One specialist may suggest non-operative procedures, for example. Another specialist may want to conduct intrusive surgery.

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