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Orthopedic surgeons treat conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. Spine diseases, sports injuries, trauma, degenerative diseases, infections, congenital disorders, and tumors can all be treated by orthopedic surgeons. Thanks to advances in modern medicine, and well-trained surgeons like Australia’s Dr. Greg Finch, orthopedic procedures can be performed with precision accuracy, and require less recovery time than ever before.

While orthopedic surgeons are capable of performing dozens of different surgeries, a few stand out as being the most commonly executed orthopedic medical procedures.

Total Joint Replacements

For patients suffering from joint damage, or severe arthritis, a total joint replacement is often their best treatment option. Surgeons remove damaged or diseased bone and cartilage. Artificial joints, made of metal alloy or high-grade plastics and polymers, designed to mimic the original movement of the joint are then inserted. The procedure minimizes pain, restores function, and provides a better quality of life for the patient.

Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusions are performed to eliminate back pain, increase mobility, and allow patients to enjoy a higher level of productivity. A surgeon will fuse vertebrae together, limiting motion between the bones of the spine and preventing the stretching of nerves.

ACL Reconstruction

ACL reconstruction surgery is the process of repairing or reconstructing the anterior cruciate ligament. A torn ACL, a common sports injury, is replaced with a tendon from the patient’s knee or hamstring. Sometimes a donor tendon is utilized.

Dr. Greg Finch

Australian surgeon, Dr. Greg Finch, attended Auckland Medical school. After several years of extensive surgical training, Dr. Greg Finch was awarded membership into the prestigious Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. He has worked aside leading surgeons in the US, Germany, and the UK.

Dr. Greg Finch specializes in spinal surgery, Pediatric orthopedics and trauma, and Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery.