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Panama is a country that has experienced multiple transformations in the recent past. One of the key people that has helped the transformation is Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Figueroa has a successful businessperson who has taken a huge investment in the Panamanian business market. Apart from his interest in business, he has a love for tourism in Panama. In a recent article, he wrote about top 10 things to do and places to visit in Panama.

Panama is a region that is home to multiple natural attractions. The place has experienced multiple volcanoes on Volcano Baru is today one of the most famous places for being the tallest peaks in the country. At its top, one can have a good view of the Caribbean Sea, at the other side one can have a clear view of the Pacific Ocean. The whole volcano has a massive height of 3473 meters high. There is nothing to be afraid about the volcano because it has been dormant for thousands of years. It is wonderful place to visit and offers an exclusive experience in Panama.

You can also head to the EL Valle city. This is a city that resides at the center of a volcanic crater. The volcano has been dormant for about 300,000 years. The El Valle village on Facebook is a tiny village with a thrilling things to see and do. It is popular and loved among tourists like Figueroa. The place is also one of the coldest places in the Panama region. It is shielded from external humidity of the ocean.

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Figueroa notes that Panama is a country with a good history. The whole region was once a Spanish colony, about 400 years ago. After the country gained its independence, it became a Republic of Grand Colombia. Through the help of the United States, Panama became a republic on its own several years later. Since its treaty, Panama has been trading with the U.S. currency.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa was raised and born in Venezuela. He is today one of the most prominent business people in the region. He is currently president of more than five companies and manages their treasury department. Figueroa is also a business director. He is innovative and passionate about entrepreneurship. Figueroa is currently a mentor of young entrepreneurs. The prominent business person has been living in Panama for the past five years. His years in Panama have proved that he is passionate and innovative about his business.

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Panama, the small country in Central America of proximately 3.6 million people, is one of the most picturesque countries in the world, especially in the American continent. Panama is known for its beautiful beaches, warm weather, and majestic rain forests. But Panama is also known as the “Dubai” of Latin America because of its unique and beautiful skyscrapers. Panama is too a country very rich in history and culture for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. And currently, a lot of people immigrate to Panama looking for a better life. There are many things that make Panama a wonderful country.

The Panama Canal is more than 80 kilometers long and serves yearly more than 12,000 ships carrying goods every year. The Panama canal is crucial to world trade, and the largest economies of the world depend a lot on this canal. Currently, Panama receives at least a third of its revenue through the Panama Canal on Panama also currently uses the U.S. dollar as currency, which has implemented in 1904. Panama is too the least populated country in Central America. Also, although Panama is a small country, it has over 2,400 kilometers of coastline, which is very impressive.

In Panama there are more than 900 species of birds. Panama has more different types of birds than the United States and Canada combined. Not only that, but Panama City is the only capital in the world with a rain forest. This forest has virgin areas and a lot of biodiversity. One could find in the Metropolitan Natural Park many exotic animals, making it ideal for individuals of all walks of life. Also, since this park is close to the city, it can offer visitors a taste of Panama’s natural landscapes as a well as a cosmopolitan experience at

Panama is country with a rich past, historical moments which also played a big role in world politics. After Panama obtained its independence from Spain, it became part of Gran Colombia, republic which was composed of what is know Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador. After these states got separated, Panama still remained part of Colombia until 1903 when the United States intervened and supported Panama. This alliance resulted in the creation of Panama’s canal.

Panama also has a very prominent famous valley, known as the El Valle de Ant—n. This place is famous because it was build within a crater of a volcano. The crater is at least 6 kilometers wide. Vulcan Baru is also famous because it has the highest elevation in Panama. People on top of the volcano can see, without much trouble, the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Panama also has the most expensive railroad in the world, which cost more than $8 million. It was constructed near the canal.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa was born in Venezuela, and he is currently one of Venezuela’s most prominent entrepreneurs. He currently is doing business in Panama and is president, treasurer and director of five companies. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship, and he currently mentors a lot of individuals in Panama so that they can become successful in business. Figueroa has been living in Panama for about six years.

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Panama is one of the best-rated tourist destinations in the world and justifiably so, it offers what many tourists would love to see and feel. Apart from having some of the most fascinating artifacts on, Panama also boats of a rich history that is defined by the evidence that has been preserved for centuries to date.

It offers tourists a great opportunity to explore the various activities the coastal strip that extends more than 2,490 kilometers has to offer. So, if you are in the process of planning a holiday, you may want to include Panama in the top places to visit for reasons as shown at

Enjoy time in the only city in a rainforest
Panama is full of wonders and great landscape that one would love to experience more than once for Figueroa. One of the most spectacular landmarks is the capital of the country, which is built in a rainforest, the only of its kind on earth. This offers visitors a chance to enjoy the biodiversity and the vibrant culture offered at the city. The natural landscape and the various amenities build within the city make the destination a tourists’ favorite as it offers a haven where they can relax.

Visit the Panama Canal for great activity and fun
One of the most important places for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa in Panama is the Canal, which is both an economic hub and a popular site among tourists. The Canal is the most preferred tourist attraction site in Panama. It also hosts some of the biggest businesses and is said to contribute more than 30 percent of the revenue collected in the entire country. However, the money that is earned from the canal in form of revenue is not due to the tourism, but other activities.

See rare bird species
Panama is reputed for the great climate that has managed to keep hundreds of bird species alive. The country has more birds than both Canada and the United States combined. With more than 970 species, Panama has won a place in the 25 countries that have the highest number of bird species.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, a staunch supporter of the Panama business community, is a respectable leader who has amassed wealth of knowledge in business management and mentoring. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has worked with more than five companies as president and director and his role as a mentor has come out as a success among upcoming entrepreneurs in Panama.