March 16, 2018 · Los Angeles, Party Homes · (No comments)

Wealthy neighborhoods in the Los Angeles are have had a serious problem for many years. However, that problem is only getting worse. The problem involves the owners of homes in wealthy areas of the city renting their property on a regular basis to people who want to throw very large and noisy parties for hundreds of guests. These parties will often create gridlock on the narrow streets that were not designed to handle that many cars at the same time. This inconveniences people who live in nearby homes who find it hard to drive down the street. The noise level is also a nuisance because the parties will often keep going into the middle of the night.

The Hollywood Hills is one of the worst areas for these types of infractions. However, the city of Los Angeles is taking steps to end these parties in residential houses by punishing the owners who rent their homes to partygoers for a tidy profit. The city council has just approved a new ordinance which will go into effect very soon. It states that the people who organize the party and owner of the home could face a fine that is a maximum of $8,000 for each infraction. This ordinance comes on the heels of charges being filed in 2017 against a property manager and the owner of a house that was hosting many loud parties over a period of several weeks.

The concern of many residents is that the amount of the fine might not be a sufficient deterrent. This is because many of the people who own the homes where these parties are held are very wealthy people. Therefore, $8,000 will not be much money to them. Also, they still might be making a profit from renting their home even after paying the fine.