December 4, 2016 · Amber Mariano, Pasco County · (No comments)

Not many people have heard the name Amber Mariano but if she has her way they will. The University of Central Florida senior had a busy day on Tuesday, November 8. 2016. In addition to her college work, she took the time to greet voters at a few Pasco County precincts to thank them for doing their civic duty.


On that same day, Miss Mariano became the youngest person in history ever elected to Florida’s House of Representatives. According to the Tampa Bay Times the final vote between the Democratic incumbent, Amanda Murphy, and the Republican newcomer was close, just over 700 votes, but in the end, Amber Mariano won.


She now will serve her community in House District 36, which includes Hudson and New Port Richey, West Pasco, Florida as their Congresswoman. Mariano considers serving the community where she grew up an honor. She is also proud to carry on a family tradition. Her father, Jack is now serving his fourth term on the Pasco County Commission. Along with her family ties, Miss Mariano received endorsements from Florida’s Governor and newly re-elected Senator Marco Rubio.


Miss Mariano’s plans include attending Law School at some point, and she wants everyone to know that she intends to become the first woman President of the United States. Congratulations Congresswoman, and in a few years, maybe everyone should watch for falling glass.