Despite being the founder of Renovia, Marc Beer has also founded other health care firms. He is a fonder, a CEO and a chairperson. In 2000 he founded ViaCell, a medical firm that deals with the collection, preservation, and study of the umbilical cord blood cells. Marc Beer has worked with the firm for seven years; during that time he has expanded the firm and brought tremendous growth. Marc’s management has made a difference in the company. He has created employment opportunities and has led the company to be public. PerkinElmer currently manages ViaCell. Apart from his CEO Job at ViaCell, Marc is among the board of directors of several medical firms. He helps out in decision making and strategy development for the firms that have appointed him.

Before his job at ViaCell, Marc Beer held several executive positions; he worked at Genzyme, a pharmaceutical organization. He presently works at Global Marketing as the Vice President; his primary role is to announce the development of new drugs for the treatment of rare diseases. Marc is also the chairperson and a member of the committee of various firms. Through his intellect, he helps individuals to understand the medical market better. His work in these committees is to come up with ideas for the invention of new products. Marc Beer is a remarkable leader making him viable for executive positions.

Marc Beer, the CEO of Renovia is developing new drugs for the treatment of pelvic floor disorder. Renovia Inc. is based in Boston. He has teamed up with other firms in a series B financing. He has invested $ 32 million in the funding to come up with viable drugs. Renovia is developing diagnostics and technological equipment to help in the treatment of the disorder. According to health experts, a disease like urinary infections affects a large percentage of women across the globe. Renovia recently launched their first product for the treatment of pelvic floor disorder. The drug, Leva became approved by the FDA in April. Lately, Renovia is carrying out improvements on the product.

Several firms are teaming up in the series B financing group. The Longwood Fund is investing funds into the project. Longwood Firm is an investment firm that deals explicitly with therapeutic industries. Missouri-based Ascension Ventures and the New York-based Perceptive Advisors are leading the series B group. The firm in the financing group will donate funds to be put into research on four more new drugs for treatments of pelvic floor disorder. Marc Beer is glad that other firms are willingly contributing to the project. Marc is delighted that health care firms are helping Renovia achieve its vision. Renovia’s vision is to help women across the globe by coming up with a cure for the disorder. Marc believes that in combining their efforts, they can achieve a lot. Learn more:

Recently, Marc Beer successfully raised $42 million in Series B Round and venture debt for Renovia Inc, a Boston-based women’s health startup. The funds will help the medtech company to move forward with its several new products for treatment of pelvic floor disorders. Mr. Beer closed $32 million in Series B Round as well as $10 million in venture debt for Renovia Inc.


The company has been committed to the development of therapeutic and diagnostic products for treatment of pelvic floor disorders since its inception. Pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence affects millions of women across the world. The move by Marc Beer with other co-founders to take the fight to the next level through Renovia is very welcome. The first Renovia’s product to be approved by FDA is the Leva Device. It was approved last year April.


The Longwood Fund is a healthcare-focused investment firm which took interest and invested in Renovia Inc, early. It also participated in the Series B Round which was led by Ascension Ventures as well as Perceptive Advises which are based in Missouri and New York respectively. The funding came at a time the company was looking to develop four therapeutic and diagnostic products including the latest upgrade for Leva Device.


In a statement, Marc Beer was thrilled to get the support of leading healthcare investors who share the same vision of better diagnosing, treating as well as improving the lives over 250 million women affected by pelvic floor disorder across the world. He added that the company leverages on its innovative and proprietary technologies, a digital platform as well as form factors to inform new treatment options, drive greater knowledge and ultimately improve the understanding of pelvic floor disorders. The aim at the long-run is to reduce the healthcare costs.


Marc Beer is the CEO of Renovia Inc, and a big name in the healthcare industry. He has brought a lot of transformations to the sector and he has improved the lives of many directly or indirectly. He embarked on a new path with Renovia to alleviate the suffering of women across the world.


About Marc Beer


Mr. Marc Beer brings over 25 years of experience in the biotechnology, devices, pharmaceuticals as well as diagnostics. He embarked on a journey to improve the lives of women through Renovia with Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias. He successfully closed Series A Round with popular healthcare venture capital funds. He has extensive experience ranging from serving as a strategic consultant at OvaScience to founding various medtech companies including ViaCell.


He founded ViaCell in 2000 to collect, preserve, and develop umbilical cord blood stem cells. He headed the company and helped it to grow until it was acquired by PerkinElmer in 2007. He served at Erytech Pharma as a member of board of directors. He also worked at Genzyme, Abbott Laboratories and Good Start Genetics, Inc. He sits in various committees and boards at Good Start Genetics, Inc, and Minerva Neurosciences. He is a BS graduate from Miami University in Ohio. Learn more:


Marc Beer is an entrepreneur whose work great work has helped many women across the world. The exemplary businessman has initially acquired training in medicine but as he started his career, he developed an interest in the business. He founded the successful pharmaceutical company known as Renovia Inc. which has contributed to the improvement of the health of many women. One of Marc Beer’s greatest passions is helping women get back their health. This is why he purposed to develop a company that would produce quality and affordable products for them. His concern about women developed as early as when he was in college and has persisted up to date.

He heads the company and through his efforts and determination in his work, he has been able to make the company a great and renowned company all over the world; competing with other great pharmaceutical companies. He never got business training in school; rather, he acquired it through working with as a salesperson with Abbott Laboratories. There, he learned how to combine his knowledge in medicine with business and that is when the idea of founding Renovia came from. He has also worked in other pharmaceutical and business companies which have added to his knowledge.

Marc Beer founded Renovia Inc. so that he would be able to help women. The company developed quality health products which were for the purpose of helping women with weak pelvic floor disorder. He has carried out research and noticed that this was a common disorder among many women across the world. He sought to make a difference in their lives through his company. The products were carefully tested by FDA and were approved to be safe for women to use. The Pelvic floor disorder also known as Urinary Incontinence is a disorder is a problem that affects many women around the world and many physicians carry out awareness campaigns advising many women to go for screening.

Marc Beers has been able to join physicians such as Samantha Pulliam who also works as an MD at Renovia to carry out screening for women around the world. Marc Beers recently managed to close a deal for Renovia. The company acquired a sum of $42.5 million of funds which have greatly helped the company carry out its work. Some of the money will be used to improve the products and also increase the number of products produced by the company. This will help meet the constant demands in the market. in addition to that, Renovia is a company that appreciates innovation and technology, therefore, some of the money will be used to come up with new technologically advanced equipment that will greatly deliver the best medical health care for the clients. Learn more:


The biotechnology industry has been evolving. Many biotechnology startup companies have been sprouting on a daily basis. However, to ensure that such a company has access to the necessary funding is one of the major challenges. Other challenges are such as going through the FDA approval process which is somewhat complex after the discovery of a new form of therapy or a drug. Fortunately, professionals such as Marc Beer have been able to overcome such challenges.


The success of Marc Beer when it comes to biotechnology companies can be witnessed through the Renovia Inc. As the co-founder of the company, he has also worked hard to ensure that the company has been receiving the necessary funding. The biotechnology startup company was established in 2016. Through the input of Marc Beer, the company has achieved numerous milestones that relate to the biotechnology sector. Since the company has been working towards ensuring that women with the pelvic floor disorder can now live a healthy lifestyle, Marc Beer carried out a fundraiser than entailed raising $42 million.


Globally, women have been suffering from ailments such as urinary continence. Such diseases are regarded as pelvic related disorders. In a bid to offer some assistance to the 250 million women suffering from this disorder globally, Marc Beer resorted to carrying out a fundraiser. Since 2016, the company has also successfully come up with forms of technology such as Leva. The Leva technology was able to get FDA approval. Leva is a form of technology that has an inbuilt Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth device is then used to formulate real-time coaching sessions. A visual aid is also present. The Leva application helps to isolate the levator plate muscles that are weak.


The fundraiser is targeting $42 million. These funds will be used to produce a more advanced form of the Leva technology that will offer a proper diagnosis. Women who are suffering from pelvic disorders always in pain. They also undergo urinary continence since the bladder is emptied incompletely every time they undergo urination. When a woman has a pelvic disorder, they may not enjoy any form of pleasure during sexual intercourse. They will be in constant pain. Learn more:


Marc Beer will ensure that Renovia Inc. has combined its sensor technologies with a digital health platform. This move will ensure that their clients have access to the necessary bits of information regarding the diseases they are suffering from. The biotechnology company will also ensure that women have access to affordable forms of treatment. Fortunately, the fundraiser progressed smoothly. The $42 million target was achieved. The total amount raised was $42.3 million. Since Marc Beer is the chief executive officer of Renovia Inc., he will ensure that all the funds are accounted for while working towards forming better treatment solutions to their clients.