September 28, 2016 · Piano Pound, Silas Moon · (No comments)

San Francisco has a Piano Pound for people who are moving away and aren’t able to take their pianos with them. Silas Moon created Piano Pound as a place for people to donate their old pianos in hopes that they can find a new owner. One of the big complaints is there are people who would love to own a piano but can’t afford them. Some people sell their old pianos, but there are people out there who probably can’t afford those reduced rates.

Silas Moon is offering these pianos for free. Moon is hoping that one day he can move the entire piano collection into a big warehouse where people can just come by and play them for free whenever they want to. There’s no excuse not to play a piano.

Moon believes that the San Francisco Bay area has high rent and a dwindling art scene. He wants to encourage creativity and the love of music for all who live in the area.

Silas Moon was inspired when he began searching the free section of Craig’s List. He was inspired to create Piano Pound. He has given the pianos attractive names and includes a history. Some uprights that he has have named like Tummy, Lex, and Hobart. Sir Hamilton is an upright from Oakland, California with a pleasing tone that would soothe you on a lonely night. These pianos are in very good shape and ready for a new home. Anyone who’s interested in one of Mr. Moon’s pianos can fill out a form on his website by typing in their name, and email. He requires that people put something in the comment area.