A recent article posted on Pittsburgh CBS Local online, celebrates Phil Coyne, an usher with the Pittsburgh Pirates who has been in his position for over eight decades.


The 99-year-old just passed his 81st year on the job at the local PNC Park. Mr. Coyne began his position as a fresh-faced teenager at the age of 18. Coyne began working for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1936 and he remembers all of the highlights of his long career. As a fan in 1935, he watched Babe Ruth hit three home runs. During his time with the Pittsburgh Pirates, he has seen baseball history made. He was present when Bill Mazeroski hit his most famous home run during the World Series in 1960.


Not only has Coyne seen legends play ball, but he is also a fan favorite around PNC Park. Many consider him to be a staple around the field. Coyne’s philosophy is to be nice to all that he meets in hopes that they will treat him the same. Fans love hearing about Coyne’s time at the park, and the folklore that he has about the Pirates and other baseball legends.


To celebrate Coyne’s history with the park, he was given a number 99 jersey to go with the number 90 jersey he had received nine years earlier. Coyne has no plan on retiring anytime soon. He plans on being at the Pirate’s opening day to greet the fans with the hugs and kisses he receives from them every opening day.