There has been a lot of talk about two of the major political party conventions this year. First, we had the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Donald Trump, the now official nominee of the party, is so disliked that his party became even more split after the RNC and was home to protests. A short while later, we had the Democratic National Convention in Philly. Again, by nominating Hillary Clinton, the party continued to widen the divide that has been in the party for a long time, and again, more protests broke out through the entire week.

Thanks to the mess that has been our Primary Season, most Americans are searching for someplace new to go for trustworthy candidates. Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Party has been receiving a great deal of attention recently thanks to actions such as #DemExit and other political movements. Many American have never even heard of Dr. Stein and the Green Party and the upcoming Green Party Convention in Houston is a great way for people to come out and meet Dr. Stein and her running mate Ajamu Baraka, a human rights activist.

With Dr. Stein’s main supporters being younger voters, the internet is likely to light up with live streams, videos, and updates. If you’re in the Houston area, everyone is welcome to come out and join in the democratic process. Entry is free to be as inclusive as possible.

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Ph.D. holder in Economics from the University of Columbia. His record in his entire profession is a blend between the private sector responsibilities and the central bank decision making as well as the academic positions in the advisory positions. He was appointed as the professor of the University of Columbia in 1988. Jose Manuel Gonzales also used that chance to teach courses in advanced public policies in economic analysis in Madrid as well as other research centers. He then became a professor at the IESE Business School.

From 1985 he was appointed as the economic advisor to the various private and public institutions that included the Bank of Spain, the EU, the World Bank group and the IMF. Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzales is an agricultural business person. He is the former president of the FEDECAMARAS. He is the current serving deputy to the Guarico State National Assembly. Mr. Jose offers his experience for two quality and successive experiences from two different contemporary areas to the public service. They say that he is an active entrepreneur that was borrowed to check on politics.

Like the many sectors of the public, agriculture has topped sustaining the economy. The country has stopped producing enough core earners; agriculture is in a dark mess. The country has no enough foreign exchange to enable it to import this kind of commodities that are very essential. This is the type of economy that the few are yet to unveil to the country if they continue with this sort of business operation where no one has a say in what can be done of improved in the markets.

However, the national assembly has started understanding the situations that are in the agricultural sector. This has however been an unsuccessful management. A government pointed to its weakness but assumes not to hear anything. They keep arguing that the things that the agricultural sector do not depend on to them. This is a show of a coalition government that the people never chose. The productive outcome is always affected by insecurity. This is very evident in the agricultural states. Jose Argues.