June 16, 2015 · Prison Escape! · (No comments)

The plot has thickened as authorities are still partaking in the manhunt of the two New York prison escapees. Missing over a week, David Sweat and Richard Matt are perhaps further away from being captured than ever. Now in a twist of events, Joyce Mitchell, the former prisoner worker has been arrested and placed in custody for her role in the prisoners escape.


According to reports, Mitchell provided the two men with tools that would aid in their escape plan. It has been reported that Mitchell may have had a sexual relationship with one of the men. In addition to providing the men with power tools, she also agreed to be their getaway driver. However it was not until last minute that Mitchell decided she no longer wanted to be “the getaway driver because she felt guilty and still loved her husband.” It was also reported that as part of the prisoners escape plan, they would use Mitchell as the getaway car driver and kill her husband.


Friends of Mitchell do not believe that she ever had malicious intent when helping the men escape reports Dr Daniel Amen in this video on youtube. In fact, several people close to Mitchell believe that she was coerced by the men and agreed to participate in their escape plan out of fear for her own safety.


Mitchell appeared in court yesterday with her attorney and remained silent during the hearing. She is being held on a $100,000 bond.