Francisco Domenech is the Managing Partner of Politank, a government affairs law firm which specializes in creating strategies to assist their clients during government forums. Domenech is also a former director of the Office Of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico.

A native of Puerto Rico, Domenech spent most of his childhood living in Florida. Domenech graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, where he received his B.A. in Political Science, as well as his Juris Doctor. During his time at the University, he served as the President of The General Student Body Council and was also the Student Body President of The College Of Social Sciences. Domenech attended the University College London where he studied comparative law.

During his tenure as The Director Of The Office Of Legislative Services Of Puerto Rico, Domenech oversaw budget surpluses during consecutive fiscal years. Domenench managed two straight presidential campaigns within the Puerto Rico Physicians Associations. Follow Domenech on Twitter.


Domenech has been a delegate at multiple Democratic National Conventions. He has also represented the Young Democrats of America. Domenech spent several years as a member of The Democratic National Committee. Domenech is in favor of making Puerto Rico its own state.

Domenech got his start as The President of The Puerto Rico Young Democrats. He was part of a team that campaigned in Central Florida for John Kerry. Domenech also campaigned for former Puerto Rico governor Pedro Rossello. During his last few years as a member of the Young Democrats of America, Domenech helped found the Hispanic Caucus. In total, Domenech spent seven years as a national officer while he was a member of The Young Democrats of America.

Hilary Clinton appointed Francisco Domenech to co-chair The Hillblazers network of young professionals. Domenench also served as The Deputy State Coordinator of Clinton’s successful campaign in Puerto Rico. He organized several fundraisers for Clinton. Most recently, Domenech helped representative Jennifer Gonzalez become the first woman to be elected Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico.

Giving Back

Domenech has supported The Hispanic Heritage Foundation, The Museum of Art of Puerto Rico and The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars.

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