June 6, 2016 · Qnet · (No comments)

Two leading organizations, Sharp, the multinational Japanese corporation, and QNET, the mega direct selling network, have aligned their incentives and capabilities to establish a new partnership for a co-branded Air Purifier. The latest Sharp QNET Plasma Cluster Air Purifier will be distributed via QNET’s e-commerce site. A QNET India spokesperson said this joint partnership will fully align and fundamentally improve an integrated customer experience that focuses on health and wellness.

According to Kishalay Ray, President, Sharp Systems India, QNET is recognized for their dedication, and leadership in health and wellness. With their innovation and successful marketing plans, it made sense to choose QNET as distribution partner for the SHARP QNET Air Purifier. QNET also has an established network of loyal satisfied customers, making the partnership a win-win deal.

The Need for Clean Air

Environmental pollutants and clean air is of great concern today, especially the issues with indoor air pollution. Over the past decade, respiratory conditions have greatly deteriorated, and people are seeking a safe living environment. Air purifiers can eliminate indoor air pollutants, offering obvious relief to respiratory sufferers, like asthma and allergy patients. Most people are simply unaware of their daily exposure to allergens, bacteria, and mold, and the affect it has on health. Even the EPA recognizes that indoor air is more polluted than outdoors, and in some cases from 5 to 100 times worst. It’s essential that people have more fresh air to breathe and eliminate indoor air pollutants. A Sharp QNET air purifier helps diminish those pollutants in enclosed spaces, and today our health depends on it.

Founded in 1998, and today, a massive international direct selling marketplace, QNET has secured a universal appeal: It helps buyers in any country, from different backgrounds, save money on their everyday purchases. This new Sharp-QNET partnership is further evidence of the solid foundation, reputation and future prospects for QNET. One could say it has even placed the company in a better position in the field of e-commerce, and this deal represents an ideal combination of online strategies.

QNET offers unlimited potential for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. With business prospects in more than 25 countries, and independent distributors said to be over 1 million, QNET looks to be one of the world’s leading providers of business opportunities through direct selling.