April 23, 2018 · Ohio, Raccoons · (No comments)

Is something wrong with the raccoons in Youngstown, Ohio?

For the past few weeks, over a dozen raccoons have exhibited strange behavior. The town’s residents have reported the critters to local police. Raccoons have come up to residents and acted weird, showing no fear of human beings or animals. Plus, most of these cases have come in broad daylight, while raccoons are typically active at night. Local residents have described the raccoons as being “zombie-like”.

What’s Going On With The Raccoons?

Police officers have captured at least 15 of these creatures behaving strange. Unfortunately, each one needs to be euthanized upon capture. Many residents assume the raccoons are rabid, but officials say distemper is the likely culprit. Distemper explains the off behavior and the lack of fear of humans. More and more cases continue to come in about raccoons throughout the town.

More Information On Distemper

Distemper is often fatal for raccoons and other animals. The disease will hit a population of raccoons and then spread like wildfire from there. At some point, most of the population will be wiped out by the disease before it stops spreading. Euthanizing the caught raccoons can help prevent distemper from spreading too far, though. Any trapped raccoons would need to be reported to authorities.

What’s Next For The Town Of Youngstown, Ohio?

Likely, the next few weeks will see raccoon reports in Youngstown taper off. Distemper eventually fades out of the picture for a given outbreak. Until that happens, Youngstown residents will see more instances of the raccoons acting out of habit. It’s a discomforting sight for the average person. The animals are no more dangerous than normal, though, and should be avoided whether they have distemper or not.

Still, nothing sounds more creepy than zombie raccoons harassing an Ohio town during the day.