May 14, 2018 · Raleigh Cat · (No comments)

A cat in Raleigh, North Carolina managed to find a loving home and got a second chance at life in a remarkable story. Toby was a stray cat that was adopted by a family that lived in the Raleigh area. The family already had other cats, but still decided to take in the stray.

Unfortunately, Toby, the cat did get along with the other cats that the family already had. The conflicts between Toby and the other cats led to his original adopters giving him away to another family in Raleigh that lived about 12 miles away. Toby returned to his original adopter’s home, however.

With the cat continually returning home, the original people who brought Toby in decided to give him to an animal shelter instead. While they brought him to an animal shelter, they asked the shelter staff to euthanize him. If you are not familiar with what euthanize means it is to put down or kill.

The shelter staff at the Wake County SPCA took the cat in, but they decided not to euthanize him. They kept him and instead offered him up for adoption. His story was also shared, and it got local and then national news. Eventually, Toby got adopted, rather quickly by another family also living in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Toby did get neutered, and that did mellow him out. He became less aggressive after undergoing the neutering. The new family he is with does have other cats, but Toby does not have any problems with his fellow cats at the new family’s house.

This story is inspiring and is a credit to the wonderful staff at the Wake County SPCA animal shelter in Raleigh. Toby, the cat, has now become famous and is symbolic of animals and even people giving and getting a second chance at life. You can find photos of Toby and updates on his very own Instagram account.