New residential investment Corp is a well-known investment trust which mainly deals with real estate investments. The company was incorporated on 26th of September 2011. The firm is focused on managing and investing in any ventures related to real estate. Some of the services and segments found at New Residential Investment Corp include MSRs (investments in mortgage servicing rights, investments in mortgage servicing rights, investments in servicer advances and investments in residential mortgage loans

In addition, the company also offers investments in consumer loans and corporate loans as well as investments in real estate securities. The firm’s portfolio includes residential mortgage-backed securities, mortgage servicing related assets and other investments. The company also ventures in non-agency RMBS and agency RMBS.

New Residential Investment Corp runs under the management Mr. Michael Nierenberg, who is the current Chief Executive Officer. He doubles as the chairman of the Board of directors and the President of the company. Michael Nierenberg is a highly professional person who runs the firm smoothly and responsible for all aspects of its growth and development. Nierenberg was the managing director of Fortress Company, an investment firm in the United States whose affiliates manages and finances New Residential Investment Corp externally.

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There are many doctors out there and many businessmen, but there are few who delve deep into both fields. Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical practitioner who earned his medical degree from Tulane Medical School and has since become a licensed and board-certified doctor. However, during Dr. Mark McKenna’s time in medical school, he realized the medical field was not going to bring him everything he wanted. He wanted to make much more money than what was available as a doctor. He knew this because his father is also in the medical industry and owns his own practice, which Mark interned at for several years.

Instead of focusing on medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna decided he wanted to focus on business and once he completed his education he started up his own company. Mckenna Venture Investments, a real estate firm, was Mark’s first successful business. Mark was making roughly half a million dollars a year and his company was worth around five million dollars in 2005. Unlucky for Mark, he lived in New Orleans, which was struck by Hurricane Katrina that year, which devasted most of Mark’s company. This caused Mark to lose millions in a single day, but he was able to recover a fair amount of money staying in New Orleans and flipping properties that had been destroyed.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s latest venture in business is the medical-aesthetic business, OVME, or “of me. Mark named his company this because it puts the attention on his customers. OVME will function similar to Uber, since users will have an app that allows them to browse OVME and order services and products to be delivered straight to them. There are many freelance doctors registered with OVME that offer products and give out personal advice to customers who ask for support through the app. These day’s, at 43, Mark spends a great deal of time working on his business and practicing a healthy lifestyle when he’s not spending time with his family.

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Nick Vertucci is a real estate pro. He knows all of the ins and outs of real estate, and he started his own academy to help those that are interested in learning more about how to build a career in real estate. It is true that people can get their license in real estate by taking a course and passing a test, but this does not necessarily make good in real estate. In order to become someone that knows how to really sell homes and make the most money that you can make in real estate you need to get it advice from someone that has done it before.


Nick Vertucci is offering his services because he knows how the real estate business works. He knows how to flip homes and entice buyers that are trying to find a home for themselves. This is why his services are so valuable. This is why so many people lean on Vertucci when it comes to creating a career in real estate. Nick Vertucci has been able to help people see the value of getting in the real estate business. There are many homes for sale. Some homes are foreclosed. Others are being sold at lower prices to entice potential buyers. There are all kind of possibilities for people that would like to get into the business of helping their clients buy and sell homes.


Nick Vertucci has the ability to help those people that are trying to get into this type of career. He has been able to give people a better insight on what they can do to change the course of their direction when it comes to selling homes quickly. This is what most people have a desire to do. It can be a difficult thing at times to sell a home that is a fixer upper, but Nick Vertucci knows what it takes to make people take a second look at homes.


For the average home seller that is trying to move on from one home to another there may not be any desire to fix the home up or get an interior decorator. Nick is someone that can help people see the value in their homes. He is also someone that can help people gain financial freedom by getting into the real estate business. He has established the academy that can help people establish a cash buyer list.

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Jason Halpern is head of JMH Development. Halpern has been at the top of the ladder since taking over in 2010. Halpern, along with all of the employees of his company oversee the renovation of sale of properties in major markets all over the United States. Halpern is from a long line of real estate developers, third generation to be exact.


The family business began in New York City, where the Halperns built dozens of residential buildings in the area, eventually branching off for commercial locations. Jason has taken the knowledge passed on from his father and other relatives and has taken their dream and turned it into a reality. He has taken his name and made it one of the heavy hitters in the United States real estate development market. A family business that once only operated in New York City, which in itself is a great accomplishment, has now widened its reaches to places like Miami Beach, Florida.

jason halpern

jason halpern

The most recent of these out-of-state developments is a project in conjunction with Madden Real Estate Ventures and includes the remodeling of a historic motel and a brand new eight story tower. The new hotel will be known as Aloft South Beach. The building will include an outdoor pool and a 24-hour fitness center. I’m sure Miami Beach will welcome the new addition considering the success of one of JMH’s previous renovations in Brooklyn, which added 340 luxury homes on Kent Avenue.


When he is not insuring that citizens of his own country have appropriate places to live he is donating water to those less fortunate. In 2015, during the construction of a Miami residential area, he donated 20,000 dollars from every contract to a water provision charity. The water was provided to nearly 700 Nepalese and Ethiopian. Halpern is also involved in a local New York hospital.


JMH prides itself from insuring that the community comes first when they develop new buildings. It is no doubt this is due to the leadership and the expertise of Jason Halpern, and it would be rude to not mention the knowledge of housing development that was passed on to him by his families members before him.