An article published on the Daily Forex Report by global financial recruitment firm GoBuyside is detailing the foremost issues that undermine the specialized recruitment efforts of investment management firms, and offering solutions meant to overcome these issues and ensure that investment management firms can quickly and effectively recruit specialized talent. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

Some of the issues raised in the article include:

Intense competition in the recruitment market, not only from other financial firms, but separate sectors altogether such as the information technology sector.

Rising difficulties in networking functions, as social media interaction serves as a poor indicator of recruitment success.

The consideration of diversity in hiring practices, and inclusiveness in the workforce; in addition to maintaining a diverse workforce, firms need to ensure that all employees are presented with the same opportunities

Disruptive technologies, forcing investment management firms to abandon increasingly ineffective recruitment hiring methods so as to remain competitive.

Constantly shifting qualification requirements, which reduce the pool, so to speak, of eligible hires as required skill sets change and expand.

Financial regulations, on both a national and international level, which could serve to put off potential recruits.

Finances, which force firms to balance the need to remain competitive in recruitment with the need to maintain reasonable recruitment costs. Read this article at Accesswire.

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