Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been an integral part of the Olympic Valley in California for the past 60 or so years. For this entire time span Squaw Valley has always had one addition in their sights that could not quite be added: a gondola connection to nearby Alpine Meadows.

Travelers from all over the country and, frankly, the world have traveled to Squaw Valley in order to tear up the slopes and a connecting gondola would give them the chance to hit up another mountain without the inconvenience of having to pack up, load out, and drive. Now these skiers can rest easy as the gondola is finally happening, according to Powder Magazine. Read more: Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist

A base to base gondola has finally been announced in order to connect Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows into one giant skiing resort where visitors don’t even need to take off their gear to get a whole new fresh place to hit the slopes.

According to TohoeTopia, Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, has been dreaming about this happening since at least 2011 but one problem always presented itself: a 460 section of land called White Wolf.

White Wolf is owned by Troy Caldwell and a deal had to be made that left both parties happy before the construction could begin. In the end a deal was made which would have the gondola created in three parts while completely avoiding the wildlife reserve — thus even keeping the local wildlife happy.

Andy Wirth has been getting more and more active in the Lake Tahoe region over the past couple of years and his work is starting to really make an impact on the people in the area. Wirth is serving as a chairman on the Reno Airport Authority Board while also being active with his own philanthropic ventures.

Wirth’s attachment to the area is evident and as he continues to turn Squaw Valley into a global destination, tourism dollars will continue to fly in — thus providing a much needed boon to the local economy.

Andy Wirth gained national fame and acclaim after his near fatal skydiving accident was picked up in the papers and on the internet. Wirth was an avid skydiving enthusiast who would go jumping out in Lodi, California on a frequent basis.

One fateful day Wirth’s jump was pushed off course and he was forced to put down near a vineyard. Wirth ended up clipping a telephone pole and thus losing his entire arm. In danger of bleeding out only Wirth’s calm, collected mentality kept him from going into shock.

Wirth would undergo 23 surgeries to have his arm reattached while staying in solid bed rest for 50 days before finally returning to work.