Road Rage is an extremely dangerous occurrence that happens far too often, and the incident usually ends in handcuffs. Nonetheless, it seems that two unnamed gentlemen have been involved in an extremely brutal case of road rage. Yahoo! recently revealed information about the story, and the video clip is even included in the article. I must warn you that the video is a bit nerve-wracking, but no one is seriously injured.

A driver in Hollywood recorded the whole incident, but he has wished to stay anonymous to the police. Nonetheless, the road rage incident apparently occurred because two drivers were continuously cutting each other off, and it seemed that the entire situation quickly got out of hand. Both drivers got out of their cars at a red light, and they began brawling in the middle of the highway. One man was knocked down with a huge punch, and he was nearly run over by a truck. Thankfully, the truck just missed him, and the fight ended after a few more blows. James Dondero was disappointed as the road rage incident nearly cost one man his life, and I’m sure that the other man would have been sentenced to life in jail. The fight video has gone viral, and social media users have made this a trending topic.