There is nothing more gut-wrenching to hardcore football fans than the loss of their home NFL franchise. Many dedicated sports fans around the country have known the pain of watching their favorite team move from their current location to represent another area. The San Diego Chargers had lived in the area for well over fifty years. Their conflict with the city in trying to build a new venue was well documented. The negotiations drug out for many years until Chargers ownership decided to take advantage of a lucrative opportunity in Los Angeles. San Diego football fans were outraged and showed their displeasure by burning jerseys and protesting the move. However, it did not stop the inevitable circumstances.


Other cities that suffered the same fate have been able to rebound and acquire new NFL franchises. Houston, St. Louis, Cleveland and Los Angeles are all locations that lost their teams and were able to obtain another NFL franchise. Some made out better than others. St. Louis has lost two different NFL franchises over the years. Oakland lost the Raiders to Los Angeles and is losing them again to Las Vegas all due to failed negotiations over new stadiums.


San Diego remains an interesting destination for NFL owners. However, the previous issues remain with building a venue to host an NFL franchise. The city has looked to other methods to fulfill the entertainment void of losing the NFL. Soccer has become an attractive option. There are discussions of building a 30,000 seat soccer stadium where the old Chargers venue currently sits. There will also be room on the site for a new NFL-caliber football stadium should a franchise decide to move to San Diego. Expansion is also an option with the NFL. These types of transactions take many years to figure out. Developers of the San Diego site estimate a window of about 5 years for landing a professional football team. If there is no commitment by that point the space will be cited for housing development.